Embedded Systems Geeks GDL 2: Arduino and AVR


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📆 Martes 19 de Septiembre 2023

⏰ 19:00 hrs.

🎯 Marsella 155 int 105 A

Dear Embedidos,

Albeit a little at a short notice, I am happy to announce the 2nd event of the Embedded Systems Geeks Guadalajara group, to take place on Tuesday the 19th of September 2023. The social will again take place at HackerGarage, from 7pm to 10pm at the usual time (whatever meet-up tells you), with an open invitation for everyone to join us for some beers afterwards.

Before you read one: please join our WhatsApp channel via


if you have not done so yet. Community-relevant information will predominately be discussed there.

The topic/theme of this social is "all things Arduino". We have two key objectives for the meet-up:

Give beginners a head start using and programming Arduino boards, including a mini-workshop that includes some hands-on exercises; Delve a little deeper into the AVR architecture of popular chips used in the Arduino product line -- with hopefully some interesting bites for seasoned HW engineers too. **To participate in the mini-workshop, please bring (a) your Arduino board and (b) install the Arduino IDE from:


on your laptop.**

In case you do not have an Arduino at your disposal, they are fairly affordable and cheap to buy (go for the cheapest model such as an Arduino Uno or perhaps lower-cost replica, as illustrated in the event logo). I will try and bring some breadboards, LEDs, buttons and connecting wires along. Also, be welcome to share your already existing Arduino projects if you like to do so, to encourage others.

Hope to see you there! Frank Zeyda