NFT Day - NFT Guadalajara


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¡Celebremos el día del NTF en el Garage!

📆 Miércoles 20 de Septiembre 2023

⏰ 19:00 hrs.

🎯 Marsella 155 int 105 A

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Únete a la celebración del #NFTDay en la que abordaremos una pregunta que ha estado en la mente de todos: ¿Siguen vivos los NFTs?

Participa en este foro acerca del futuro de los tokens no fungibles en el que contaremos con la participación de founders de proyectos locales que nos compartirán su opinión acerca de las tendencias, desafíos y posibles caminos que los NFTs podrían seguir en los próximos meses.

No te pierdas esta oportunidad de estar al tanto de las últimas novedades y ser parte de una conversación esencial sobre el impacto continuo de los NFTs en el panorama digital. También podrás conocer a coleccionistas, founders de proyectos locales y otros entusiastas de los NFTs.


Five years after ERC-721 is published, NFT Day becomes an officially recognized holiday.

An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token Don’t worry if that sounds confusing! NFTs are just digital collectibles that exist on the blockchain. Any digital asset can be made into an NFT: Photos, art, music, video, and more. When you create an NFT, that’s referred to as “minting” an NFT. Identity, self expression, and ownership is in our hands like never before.

Where does an NFT live? NFTs can live in different places depending on the blockchain they are minted on. On Ethereum, NFTs are held in smart contracts with ownership pointing towards your wallet address, similar to how a bank holds your $5, but knows it belongs to you. NFTs can also “live” in your wallet by utilizing a resource-oriented paradigm, like Flow blockchain - think of it as a $5 bill that is actually in your wallet.

As long as you have a wallet, you have access to your NFTs. There are a lot of wallet options but here are some recommendations to get you started: Metamask (Ethereum), Dapper (Flow), XUMM (XRP Ledger). Fun fact: You can now connect several different wallets to Instagram to show your NFT collection on your profile.

What makes NFTs unique? What makes NFTs special is the ability to prove ownership, meaning an NFT can’t be replicated, changed, or moved without the owner's permission. This provides a new level of security and utility to digital assets. NFT Projects have taken this concept in many directions, such as authenticating ownership of an NFT to provide access to exclusive events, rewards, airdrops and a range of other forms of utility. All of this is made possible through the public and decentralized ledger that is the blockchain.